Our Favorite Beauty Gurus

Hey guys!

Sorry we haven’t posted in a while. School’s just about to start, so it’s time to finish up all that homework and stuff. You know typical school work.

So today, we are going to share with you our top 5 favorite beauty gurus on YouTube! We’ve actually been hooked on YouTube Beauty Gurus for a long time. They actually inspired us to create this blog. Be sure to check out these gurus if you don’t already.

1)      MacBarbie07


Bethany is our all-time favorite. She was actually the first beauty guru who we discovered and sparked our interest in fashion and beauty. She has an amazing fashion sense that we draw inspiration from all the time. I really recommend checking out her Carrie Diaries inspired video. It’s one of our favorite videos from her. Furthermore, she can do wonders with makeup. Bethany is so creative with her products, always showing new techniques.

Check out her channel!


She also worked with AwesomenessTV on her own show Make Me Over. She shared many makeup tips. Check that out as well!


2)      Stilababe09


Meredith was the second youtube guru we discovered. What we love best about her is that she is not afraid to be weird, crazy, and bold. Her bloopers are so funny.

Now, we don’t really like Mere’s makeup looks (sometimes, she doesn’t blend that well…), but we do love her style and her hair. We look forward to seeing her lookbooks. We were so thrilled to see that she got her own show on AwesomenessTV called #OOTD. We love it! Check it out!


Be sure to check out her channel as well.

3)      MissGlamorazzi


Oh Ingrid, she is amazing. Her fashion sense is amazing, and her make up looks are gorgeous. Her videos are honestly amazing. Although, I really wish she would make bloopers at the end though.

What we love most about Ingrid is that she always does collaborations with other YouTube stars. It is always fun watching and discovering new channels out on the Tube. However, she recently replaced Bethany on Make Me Over, and now she hardly uploads videos. Her videos are amazing, and we really hope she will upload more soon!


4)      MichellePhan


Michelle Phan does fantastic makeup tutorials. End of Story. There are no if buts about it. Her Halloween tutorials are just out of this world.  We can’t even begin to describe it. Everyone time she uploads a tutorial, we scream out of excitement. Honestly, check out her Game of Thrones one, or her Barbie tutorial. You will not be disappointed, I promise.

She always explains things too. Michelle says oh this is really helpful for eyes and gives a reason for it.

No wonder she is so popular.


5)      Eleventhgorgeous


Steph and Tracey are hilarious. The one thing that we love about them is that they always post videos. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They don’t leave us waiting ever.

Whenever we get home on one of those days, we can look forward to their video because we know they always have one up.


Who are your favorite beauty gurus? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to check them out, maybe review them.

Let us know if you want to see more beauty gurus. Or a review on just one. Comment below!

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Lots of Love,

Lace and Leatherette


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